Hells Guardians Paintball Team

Death Is Only The Beginning

Team History

From Left to Right Kevin Funderberg, Roger Block, Steven Guerrero.

Hells Guardians was founded in 2006 by Steven Guerrero, Roger Block and Kevin Funderberg. They started out as Referees at Splats Paintball Park. They have been certified by NPPL to be referees for Paintball. They did local tournaments. By 2007 the 3 man team started to go there own separate ways. Roger Block moved to Sacramento Ca and is on West Sacramento Rage Paintball Team, Kevin Funderberg is continuing his music and still lives in Friant Ca, Steven Guerrero lives in Vacaville Ca with new team members. Steven is still going on with the team and its new members for the USPL. The new team members are Alex V of Los Banos Ca a former team member of Team Conflict. Alex is on a mission to open a store and a field hopefully by summer. Steven B. of Fresno Ca. is still continuing is education. They  are still looking for new team members and new talent everywhere they go.   

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