Hells Guardians Paintball Team

Death Is Only The Beginning

 Captain Steven Guerrero Aka Mexican Hitman

I have been playing paintball for 4 years, I've been taught by players that I have reffed for at Splats Paintball Park. Over the years I have watched players while they play and got to know the sport more. My first Paintball marker was the Spyder Sonix that I had bought from the Splats Store. As I play paintball over 2 year I have had players walk up to me and tell me things I needed to work on while I play. As soon as I did that I had them come back and tell me that the way I played with the marker they haven't seen anyone do.


Markers: Spyder Electra with Eyes, Spyder VS2

Hopper: Empaire Reloader-B

 Tank: Crossfire 45/45